The Pamabearlilangels



We realized that some of you may be reading our blog through blogger or a feed and wanted to let you know that we have changed over to wordpress!! Yes.. off course with new address and new branding but worry not.. We are still the same.. The happy PaMabearLilangels team!! We also <still> can be found in our old address, just in case you girls want to have a peek at our day to day  crazy life.. haha..

To those who never heard of us before.. These is our objectives,

1) Our aim and mission is to build an amazing, well-curate collection of hantaran trays and decor. We didn’t just want to offer any common or ordinary items for rent. We only wanted to offer pieces that spoke to us and that we knew, in turn, would speak to our clients.

2) We wish to help you, our clients dream up creative ways to use our rentals in the grander scheme of your event.

3) We wanted to help you see the vision beyond the rentals and we wanted to help you bring that vision to life, Insha’Allah.

We don’t bite so feel free to drop us a message and we will attend to you at our soonest okay?



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